Friday, January 30, 2009

Trinity Students January 30, 2009

WE ARE FINISHED!! We walked over 60 miles, but we are now in Spremberg. Today, we started in Bad Muskau and saw the site of a glass factory and some other factories that sheltered the POWs. There was also a castle there. Our walk was much more dangerous than other days, because the road was very busy and Germans drive fast! Finally, there was a bike path and we could use that. Our feet hurt and we have blisters on our blisters, but it was worth it. My sister and I walked together for a lot of the way and we sang songs to keep us going. It also helped us to keep a good pace. I taught her "God is #1" and she liked it.

We will begin early tomorrow, because we want to visit some places the POWs stayed in Spremberg and the railroad station where they were loaded into boxcars. Then we will travel by bus to Dresden and finally Nuremberg.
I wish good skill to the Academic Teams as they compete this weekend!
Mrs. Maurer

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