Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trinity Students

I have not been able to get online, and I am not sure whether I will be able to tomorrow, so please bear with me. Yesterday, we toured the site of another prison camp, visited the 100 year old Bismark water tower in Zagan, and went back to the site of my dad's barracks. After checking into our hotel, we went to have dinner and a restaurant called Kepler's. Johannes Kepler was an astronomer and astrologer who discovered the laws of planetary motion. He used his belief in God and what he had learned in religion as the basis of many of his theories. He was also a Lutheran.
We went back to the museum at Stalag Luft III and watched a DVD that the brother of three of the people on our march made about their dad. Then, at 11 pm, we started walking. Boy was it dark! I can't imagine what it must have been like with 10,000+ men! We got to our hotel (in the town where the men stopped the first night) at about 2:30 am. We were up by 8:00 and walked into the town.
We were so fortunate to be able to visit a school there. It was for 9-12 year olds. Several of the girls who were taking English class took us around. Students are the same around the world. The principal even had to tell a young man not to run in the hallway! The students were anxious to tell us about their school because it was named for one of the men that stayed in the town that first night. There were pictures of the march in their hallway. I took lots of pictures to show you.
After our visit, we went to the church where many of the men slept that first night. Mr. Bender started out there, but his friends, knowing he didn't have many warm things, came and got him and took him to a barn where they shared their blankets.
Then it was off to march some more. We walked a total of 18.79 miles today!!! My feet really hurt, and I am tired, but I am so glad I made it. Tomorrow we start out and should walk about 13 miles. Friday we will finish the march.
I understand that you haven't had school for 2 days!! I can't believe I missed some Snow Days!
When I am able to connect to the internet again, I will write more.
Mrs. Maurer

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I'm sorry to hear about your Internet problems. I can't imagine walking that time of the night. It's been three snow days now. Good thing is we still have power.