Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Honor Roll of SLIII POWs

Take a moment to click on the link and view the Stalag Luft III former POWs that we are honoring on this site.

If you personally know an SLIII former-POW that you would like to have honored on the site, send their name, rank, the compound and (if known) the barracks they were in to: In addition, if you have a picture that you can scan and send, we will post it as well.

Link to the names and pictures of former SLIII POWs

If the former SLIII POW you are honoring is still living and he would like to contact other living SLIII POWs or would like to attend the next SLIII Reunion, please post a comment on this post.


Wyoming Arts said...

An incredibly interesting blog. Heard about it from Val Burgess in Sheridan, Wyo. Wondered if there were any books about these camps on the Polish side of the border. Non-fiction is O.K., but more interested in novels and poetry.

Marilyn said...

Maybe I'm Dead comes to mind. It is fiction, but it is pretty factual.Only poetry I know is what was written by the POWs themselves, and there is quite a bit of that around.