Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Aliceville POW Museum Presentation

Former Stalag Luft III POW Lt. Col. Edward M. Bender (USAFR, retired) and his daughter, Miriam, recently presented two items they presented to the Aliceville POW Museum in Alabama last March. These items were donated by Hans Burkhardt, a resident of Spremberg, Germany, who had received them from his friend, Ervin Vorssatz. Vorssatz was a German prisoner of war held in Arkansas during World War II. He had carved the eagle head while there and had saved his POW wages to buy the pocket watch. To view pictures and to read more about the Aliceville POW Museum, use the "Read More" link below.

Here is the contact information for the museum at Aliceville, AL:
Aliceville POW Museum & Cultural Center
Mary Bess Paluzzi, Director
Aliceville POW Museum & Cultural Center
104 Broad Street
Aliceville, AL 35442


Ruth Cook said...

Miriam--I just posted an article to my blog about the presentation you made to the Aliceville Museum in March. I had read about it in their newsletter. Then I visited your fascinating website. I am the author of GUESTS BEHIND THE BARBED WIRE, which is about German POWs in Aliceville, but I also post items to my blog that have to do with American POWs in Germany. I'd like permission to add a couple photos from your blog to mine and would also like to invite you to visit my blog. Perhaps we could link to each other so others could find both. Thanks! Ruth Beaumont Cook

Patricia Martin said...

My father, Arnold P. Martin, was a B-17 pilot whose plane was hit October 9, 1943 over occupied Denmark on the return flight from a raid over a munitions plant. He was captured 2 days later when a farmer who had hidden him in his barn turned him over to the Germans for fear of reprisal. My father was in Center section of Stalag Luft III and was on the forced march to Moosburg. I have pictures and stories that I'd like to post. How does one do that? Thanks, Patricia Martin

JimK-III said...

Hi Patricia - Welcome to the blog and thanks for telling us a little bit about your dad. For starters, how about leaving another comment and include you e-mail address. Then someone can e-mail you and start a conversation. -Jim Keeffe

Patricia Martin said...

O.K., JimKIII, my email address is I welcome all correspondence.

Patricia Martin