Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Kriegie Kids will meet at the April 2012 SLIII Reunion

More than three years after our re-enactment of the Stalag Luft III 1945 POW forced march, many of the "Kriegie Kids" will meet at the Stalag Luft III reunion in Dayton, OH, April 17-21st. We're excited that the Doolittle Raider reunion will be held at the same time at Wright Patterson Air Force Base! There aren't many of the WWII SLIII vets left now, but many of them are going to try to make it to the reunion! Stay tuned - we'll try to post some pictures after the event!


Driftless said...

My father was an inmate at SL3. He took part in the march. I am interested in tracing the march as your group did. Who might I contact to learn about your logistics?

Here is a blog concerning a turn of events which led to my father and I returning to where his B26 was shot down in Holland in May, 1943.

Gil Hoel

JimK-III said...

Hi Gil - Welcome to the 'club'. If you haven't already found it, there is a Google map of the march route with many photos of when we retraced our fathers footsteps back in 2009. Page down on our blog to the March 3rd entry "Road from Sagan - the revised interactive map" and there is a link under 'click hear' that will take you to the map. Cheers - Jim Keeffe

BetweenTheClouds (Miriam) said...

Hi Gil -
I tried writing you back but the email address you listed bounced back. I see that Jim has already responded (thanks, Jim!), but if you can correct your email, we can send you some information directly.
take care -

Anonymous said...

yes... wrong email address. It is

My wife and I live in the driftless region of SW Wisconsin.


Patricia said...

I finally made it into the blog. Thanks Mariam.

Patricia Martin
Sacramento, CA