Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The RAF's Great Escape Hut

The British Royal Air Force has opened a replica of the "Great Escape" hut on the site of the WWII prison camp for captured Allied airmen, Stalag Luft III, in what is now Zagan, Poland. Click on the title above to read all about it.

Dedicated on August 17, 2008, the hut is half the original length and features interior furnishings similar to the originals. See the dedication video at:

The link to more pictures is here

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vburgess said...

As a participant in the reenactment of the forced march Allied prisoners-of-war made from Stalag Luft III at the end of the war, I ask that you join us in our journey as we trek the Silesea the men experienced in 1945. On January 27, 2009 at 11PM, over a dozen children and relatives of these men will march out of the prison camp walking the roads and resting at barns the men experienced over 60 years ago. Please follow our journey as we trek the Silesea forests and towns of these men.